I have had the amazing opportunity to work with Terri during the past five years.  She has completed numerous complicated evaluations in a timely and professional manner.  In each instance, the student brought a unique set of challenges.  Through comprehensive, cross battery testing, Terri was to address all concerns presented by both the parent and the school.  She is able to quickly establish a rapport with even the most resistant child.  As a result, her results are not only valid and reliable, but also quite thorough.  At the end of the evaluation, parents and professionals have a clear understanding of how a child’s mind works, the challenges s/he may face, and the interventions/accommodations that would be most appropriate in meeting the child’s needs.  Terri is able to convey results in a kind and informative manner, which helps parents and professionals truly appreciate and understand the child.  Terri’s compassion, knowledge, and attention to details are invaluable skills that she brings to every case! – Corrigan R.