Thank you so much for going above and beyond to evaluate Annabelle. I know there was a lot of extra information to review to capture the full picture. I woke up this morning feeling empowered and encouraged with the knowledge to help her in a more productive way – and I hope she will feel the same way. I’m very appreciative for your guidance. Sincerely, E.

The world is a more beautiful place

    Wow, we were blown away. Our only regret is Terri Burnette did not do our son’s original evaluation. She immediately made our 16 year old son feel at ease. An instant rapport developed between them. Her testing methods zeroed in on his multiple strengths and weaknesses. Her recommendations address the entire child including holistic approaches. What a relief to not hear medication is the only option. We are truly encouraged that we will be able to finally address our son’s situation. Well worth the trip from Hilton Head to Mount Pleasant. ~ Alyse G.

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Blown Away

I just want to thank you for all that you have done for me, and so many other young scholars to help us maximize our academic strengths and minimize our weaknesses. Before I came to you, I truly believed that I simply was not an intelligent individual and had come to accept a consistent underlying sense of self-doubt. Today, I am an honors student and am majoring in psychology with a concentration in neuroscience. I am planning to get my doctorate in clinical psychology and conduct research as well as counseling/therapy. I mean it with 100% sincerity when I say that your kindness, competence, and advocation for my intelligence made an immeasurable difference in my ability to succeed and for that, I am eternally grateful. This experience showed me just how intelligent I am and how to maximize that intelligence. It is truly an empowering experience, so thank you for all of the incredibly meaningful work that you do. 

Mary C.

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I am eternally grateful

We were introduced to Terri through my daughter’s school. We are so thankful to have her as an advocate for our daughter. Terri provided the most thorough assessment she has received. Without the intervention and recommendations, school would have been very, very difficult. With the recommendations for accommodations that were made, my daughter graduated high school and TTC the same year!

Terri looks at the whole person not just the student. Investigating factors that contribute to learning challenges and disabilities. I wish we had known about Terri sooner than ninth grade. However, we are so thankful to have been introduced to her.

We recently had the assessments redone for college and the results were even more helpful this time. Terri helps students, parents and schools set up our children for success. Thank you Terri!

Amy K. (Facebook)

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Terri looks at the whole person


I wanted to thank you for the kindness shown to both Leigh and I throughout the evaluation process.  Every three years as the reevaluation approaches, I get anxious.  I am anxious, hopeful, but also dreading it in some respects…. hopeful…. thinking maybe this will be the evaluation that will provide a definitive learning disorder/diagnosis and a solution to help Leigh but then again dreading that this maybe another evaluation with no definitive answers and not much encouragement or solutions provided.  

As you know, Leigh has had several evaluations over the years and none of the results have been conveyed with such compassion, care and concern and that matters.  It is evident you really care about the children you evaluate and they are not just data you have collected on paper.  I am thankful for all the information that you provided to me.  You gave me more information and options than any evaluator has in the past.  I am hopeful with your detailed report and all the options provided and with a lot of prayer we will move in the right direction. 

Christy F.

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It is evident you really care

Terri is incredible! She is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in her field. She goes above and beyond the standard psychoeducational evaluation to look deeper into the root cause of the problem which provides a more targeted approach for correcting the issue. I would recommend her to any family who is interested in better understanding their child’s strengths and weaknesses in order to learn how to help them thrive and become lifelong learners. Our son adores her and she has made a significant impact on his future. Our family is so thankful for Terri!! Tiffin L. (Facebook)

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Our family is so thankful for Terri!

Our Family is so thankful we were referred to terri Burnette for a cross battery assessment for our child. This was the most comprehensive evaluation we have ever had. Terri spent time before the assessment to get information from us, met with our child two times for testing, and met with us for feedback. She has a soothing tone, is easy to talk with, and made us, and more importantly our child, feel comfortable and at ease.

Terri focuses on a strength-base approach, and she provided recommendations needed at home and school to help shape an environment in which our child can be successful. My husband and I both felt this was the most positive assessment feedback session we have ever had. ~ Allison S

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Cross Battery Assessment

We were just discussing the schedule for when we return from spring break. I said something about Monday and Pippa said “I can’t do that, I have testing.” When I told her she was finished testing, she almost broke into tears! I asked why she was so sad that it was over and she said “because it was so much fun!” Julie T.

Testing is Fun!

Terri, you are Logan’s hero! Thank you for being her champion and building an educational program that allowed Logan the best opportunity to succeed. She has proven that if given the opportunity, access and the right tools she can accomplish so much more.

Terri, you are Logan’s hero!

Terri, it is not an exaggeration to say that your professional expertise has made a profound impact on Ellie’s academic performance and even her future. She has always been a diligent student, but before we came to see you, her grades in certain subjects did not reflect her consistent hard work. What was so frustrating was that a few of her teachers’ comments on report cards reflected an obvious attitude that they thought Ellie was just being lazy.
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