I could not be more thankful that Terri Burnette performed my son’s ADHD evaluation. I was quite anxious about the process and was hoping only for a clear and intelligent report. Terri, however, not only provided a compassionate and detailed explanation of my son’s situation, she also offered a comprehensive vision that included both traditional methods of treatment and cutting-edge insight into non-medical support options such as neurofeedback, functional medicine, and the relationship between the brain and the gut. Her delving into a variety of potential root causes and how we might address them empowered me with a plethora of actions that I could take on his behalf. Being so equipped also helped me to stay positive and forward-thinking. Further, as a result of what Terri put into place, we did pursue several options that have helped, and recently led to my son stating: “Mom, I have ADHD and I’m overcoming it!” Being deeply concerned about how his ADHD impacts his self-esteem, you can imagine how deeply thrilled I was to hear him say this. Thank you Terri for what you have done for my son and my whole family. – Kerri Y.